Computerized Edge-to-edge (E2E) pantograph design - All E2E designs are computerized ranging in price from $.0175 per square inch and up to $.025 for denser quilting designs. See available pantograph designs for specific prices. Special request E2E designs will have a $10 fee starting January 1, 2019. Sorry for the new fee, but unfortunately the price for digital designs increased and I can no longer provide this service free of charge.

Free Motion Quilting (FMQ) – FMQ are non-computerized all-over designs and hand-guided by me. Prices can start from $.015 per square inch and up to $.05 depending on density and complexity of the quilting. Typical designs include meandering, loopy meandering, spirals/pebbles, straight lines, and sketchbook quilting.

  • Meandering or loopy meandering (loose $.0175, average $.02, dense $.025)

  • Swirl or Swirl with pebbles (3"- 4" swirls $.025, 1.5"-3" swirls $.03)

  • Sketchbook quilting ($.03 - .05 per square inch)

  • Straight line quilting - $.02 per square inch to $.05 depending on density and if more than one direction (example crosshatch).

    • 1/4" or smaller (matchstick) spacing - $.04 - .05 per square inch

    • 1/2" spacing - $.03 per square inch

    • 1" spacing - $.02 per square inch

    • 2" spacing - $.015 per square inch

    • Double if crosshatch

Custom quilting -  I take custom quilting by appointment only. If you are interested in custom quilting, please submit a request  or email me ( and we can chat! My custom prices start at $.04 and up and are on a different turn-around schedule. Please remember that every long arm quilter has a specialty and style when it comes to custom quilting and not every quilt fits well with a particular longarmer's skills. Please do not take it personally if I am unable to quilt your quilt. I want your quilt to be perfect and sometimes I am not a perfect match. With that said, please feel free to look at my work in the Gallery or check out my Instagram page (IG @myfabricrelish). I am currently on about a 6 month turn-around for custom quilts.

Basting – $.007 per square inch and stitched in rows 4" apart. If you prefer to quilt your quilt by hand or on your machine, basting is a great option. Basting stitches are long stitches that are easy to remove.

Minimum cost - $45 for edge-to-edge and $65 for custom. 


To determine the estimate for your quilting, multiply your quilt measurements to get your total square inch and then multiply that the price per square inch. For example:

Baby Quilt: 44" x 45" = 2,025 square inches x $.02 per square inch = $40.50 -- $45 flat

Twin size quilt: 60" X 80" = 4800 square inches x $.02 per square inch = $96

King size quilt: 109" x 109" = 11,881 sq. in x $.02 = $ 237