Quilt Top:

If your quilt top has piecing along the edge (so no borders), I recommend sewing a stay-stitch (stitch 1/8th inch from the edge of the quilt) to keep any seams from separating. 

If your front or backs have designated tops and bottoms, please label the quilt or leave a note. 

If I encounter any issues with the integrity of your quilt (unsewn seams, holes, tears, stains, etc.), you will be notified immediately to determine the proper course of action. If I do not hear back in a timely manner, the completion of your quilt could be delayed. It takes a special finesse to quilt out excessive fullness so if your quilt is too full or "bubbly", I will contact you directly to determine how to proceed. The flatter the better! If there is too much fullness, your quilt might not turn out square or with extra tucks to alleviate the excess fullness. 

Please make sure to clean up all loose threads on the top of your quilt and any extra long threads on the back. Sometimes these threads can get caught in the foot while quilting and could damage the machine or your quilt or can show through your lighter fabrics. I try to catch any of these threads but sometimes I miss them. 

Make sure your quilt is pressed well even if you think it will get wrinkled in the mail. If there are any pleats/overlaps on your seams, this could catch on the machine’s foot and damage your quilt or the machine. 

Quilt Back

Please ensure that your backing is at least 4-5" larger than the quilt top on all four sides. If possible, horizontal seams are preferred if you are using a single print of fabric.  Make sure your edges are squared so the backing goes on the frame straight. If your backing is not wide enough, I will add muslin to the sides needed at an additional fee ($12 per side). 

I am happy to seam backing together if needed for a charge of $10 per seam. If you are sending you backing separate, please let me know.


If you are mailing your quilt top to me, make sure you enclose your quilt top/backing and batting within a waterproof bag such as a giant Ziploc bag or a trash bag. I will return your quilt with the same integrity. Be sure to tape the heck out of the box as well. I recommend insuring your quilt for its full value and feel free to utilize signature confirmation on my end. 

Please mail quilts to: My Fabric Relish, 552 wINDY KNOLL DRIVE, MURPHY, TX 75094